Digital System Playbook

By Far Co
Hi, we're Far Co—a design studio with offices in Atlanta and Madrid. We specialise in the design of digital products and the development of digital systems that help those products scale.
This playbook is the guide we use to help clients build powerful, measurable and highly-functional digital systems. We have refined this scalable process through successful partnerships with large global corporations like BBVA and Repsol undergoing digital transformations, as well as medium-size companies like Dokify looking to build digital products more efficiently.
Here you can read more about the Repsol Digital System: Oxygen that was recently launched in December 2020.
We have purposefully written and designed this playbook to be helpful for all different profiles and experience levels. Feel free to skip ahead to the most relevant sections for you and your teams.
And finally we are believers in our own methodology. This playbook is an active document that will constantly be updated based on new information, reader feedback and future developments. For questions or comments please reach out to [email protected]. We hope you find this to be a helpful resource,
The Far Co team