Onboarding teams

To ensure a successful onboarding and first-use of a new digital system, we usually create the following material to introduce the system to any new team. All material can be easily accessed from the landing page of the digital system.

First communication

The first point of communication can be successfully accomplished through email. To make it feel more important and memorable, create a DST (digital system team) email and if you can, a coded template. This will allow you to send multiple types of communication in a clear, consistent way. Recommended templates will typically include these types of content:

  • Welcome

  • Links to digital system

  • News and updates

  • What's next

Starter kit

A starter kit is what a designer will access first to understand the system before first-use. It usually includes design principles, general guidelines, the foundation library and information on communication channels. It is a fast, easy way for a new designer to get the necessary information to begin using the system plus clear understanding on how to resolve doubts or questions.


Video tutorials, both live and pre-recorded clips, are an effective and visual way to explain information related to the use of the system, technical details on how to access content or use a specific tool, and guidance on do's and don't of the system. Short video pills, constantly updated, encourage users to return to the platform on a regular basis and stay informed on new assets and features.

Technical guidelines

Technical guidelines can be accessed from the digital system platform or within the system library design file. These include anything from grid system to component sizing and composition spacing. This information provides the logic for how to use the different elements of the system.


The best thing a new member can do to get more familiar with the system is start using it! After having viewed the starter kit and guidelines, start creating some first drafts. A great practice is rebuilding existing pages with the new system libraries with someone who knows the system well in order to provide help or resolve doubts.


  1. Create starter kit that can be easily accessed and downloaded from Digital System Platform

  2. Define communication channels for both updates from DSP team as well as feedback/questions from teams using the system

  3. Begin creating video tutorials to explain different parts of the system

  4. Define framework for the technical details so that they are always presented in the same place and format

  5. Draft initial communication touchpoint and content to invite a new team to the platform

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